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Established in 1998, American Timesis a comprehensive news media portal website. It serves the North American areas and takes English as its main language. Our website covers a wide variety of columns, including game, automobile, fashion, Internet, technology, society, business, education, sports, food, culture, news, finance, hotel, life, entertainment and blockchain, aiming to provide users with comprehensive and diversified news information.

As a multilingual news portal website, American Timeshas been loved by many users since its establishment. To better serve our user groups, we gradually develop the following multilingual versions: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Spanish, Malay and French. The launch of these multilingual versions allows us to disseminate news information more widely, so that global users can keep abreast of the latest developments around the world.

At American Times, we focus on the quality and diversity of our contents and are committed to providing our users with high-quality news coverage. Our team is made up of experienced editors and journalists. They come from different cultural backgrounds and provide various news contents for users with unique perspectives and in-depth analysis. We believe that news is an important way for people to know the world, increase their knowledge and broaden their horizon. Therefore, we always adhere to the principles of objectivity, fairness, authenticity and accuracy, to provide users with authoritative and comprehensive news information. At the same time, we also actively pay attention to the needs of users and provide them with better reading experience by constantly optimizing the content and interface of the website.

Looking at the way forward, American Timeswill continue to uphold the characteristics of multi-language and multi-dimension, to provide more various, timely and accurate news information for the majority of users. We look forward to working with you together to keep an eye on the world, share information and broaden our horizons.

As a comprehensive news media portal website, American Timesis committed to being a trusted news source for readers around the world. We know well that in this era of information explosion, true, accurate and comprehensive news information is particularly important. Therefore, we not only pay attention to the timeliness of news coverage, but also pay attention to its depth and breadth.

Our editorial team strictly screens news sources to ensure that every piece of news is rigorously checked, and strives to deliver the most valuable information to readers in the first time. Meanwhile, our journalists are all over the world, and go to the front lines to bring readers first-hand data and on-the-spot reporting. Apart from diversified news contents, American Timesis also committed to building a platform with high interaction and good user experience. Our website interface is simple and clear in design, so that users can quickly find the news section they are interested in. Furthermore, we also provide rich search functions to help users quickly find what they need in a large amount of information. To ensure the quality and depth of the news, our teams of editors and journalists have extensive industry experience and professional backgrounds. We have many offices and reporter stations around the world to ensure prompt response and accurate reporting of international hot events. At the same time, we are constantly exploring and innovating, and make use of the latest technology to improve the interactive and experiential sense of news coverage.

Under the general background of media convergence, American Timesis also constantly innovating and actively expanding its new media business. We have launched various reading channels, such as mobile application and social media platform, so that users can acquire news information anytime and anywhere. At the same time, we are also committed to developing technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence to improve the accuracy and personalization of news coverage. In this diverse world, American Timeswill continue to adhere to the principles of objectivity, fairness, authenticity and accuracy to provide high-quality news services for the audience around the world. We look forward to working with you to jointly witness the changing times and explore the possibilities of the future.

As an international news media, American Timesis well aware of the importance of social responsibility. We adhere to the independence and objectivity of journalism and are committed to providing an information platform free from bias and misleading for global users. Our news contents cover many fields including global politics, economy, science and technology, culture, etc., which aims to provide readers with a comprehensive window to know the world.

In order to give better feedback to users, American Timesalso regularly organizes various online and offline activities, such as seminars, lectures and fan meetings, aiming to build a platform for news exchange to enable readers to have a deeper understanding of the world and broaden their horizons. 

We attach great importance to feedbacks and suggestions from our users and are constantly optimizing website functions and user experience. Our website interface is simple and clear in design, so that users can quickly browse and search news. Also, we provide mobile applications and social media platforms that allow users to read news and share information anytime and anywhere.

In the future, American Timeswill continue to uphold the objectivity and authenticity of journalism to provide high-quality news services for global readers. We will also continue to explore and innovate, and utilize new technologies and platforms to provide users with more various and personalized news experience. We look forward to working with you to pay attention to the development of the world and record the pace of the time. 

We founded

American Times was founded in 1998, when the United States was in the era of the rise of Internet media. American Times was co founded by Elisa MacDonald and David Thompson. The founder hopes to create a brand new news platform that can transmit information in innovative ways, allowing users to have a more comprehensive and timely understanding of global trends.

At that time, the popularity of the Internet was rapidly changing the way people got information. However, although the Internet has brought convenience to information dissemination, most traditional media still fail to make full use of its potential. Eliza and David realized that they could create a new news platform through the Internet to deliver news in a faster and more flexible way, while maintaining the quality and accuracy of news reports. Therefore, they decided to collaborate to establish American Times, which is also a challenge and innovation to the traditional news model.

time axis

1998-2000: Establishment and initial development

On May 27, 1998, American Times was officially launched. As an innovative news portal website, it has quickly attracted a large number of user attention. The website has attracted a wide user base with its comprehensive and timely news coverage and rich and colorful content. During this period, American Times was committed to expanding its coverage to cover more news fields and continuously improving the website's functionality and user experience.

2001-2005: Expanding multilingual versions

With the development of globalization, American Times has realized the importance of expanding multilingual versions. Therefore, starting from 2001, multilingual versions such as Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Spanish, Malay, and French were gradually introduced. This measure enables American Times to spread news and information more widely, attracting users from different language backgrounds around the world.

2006-2010: Technological Innovation and Content Enrichment

At this stage, American Times continuously promotes technological innovation to improve user experience and the quality of news reporting. New technologies such as mobile applications and social media platforms have been introduced, allowing users to access news and information anytime, anywhere. At the same time, American Times has also constantly enriched its news content, adding multiple columns such as games, cars, fashion, the Internet, technology, society, commerce, education, sports, food, culture, finance, hotels, life, entertainment and blockchain to meet the needs of different users.

2011-2020: International Cooperation and Media Integration

American Times collaborates with other internationally renowned media to jointly report on major international events and exchange news resources. This international cooperation not only enriches the coverage of American Times, but also enhances its influence on the international stage. Meanwhile, with the trend of media convergence, American Times actively expands its new media business and introduces multiple reading channels to adapt to the diverse reading habits of users.

2020-2024: Personalized services

With the continuous improvement of user demand, personalization has become the focus of service. American Times has begun to use technologies such as big data to provide personalized recommendations for news reports, enabling users to obtain news content of interest more quickly and accurately. In addition, we also pay attention to user feedback, continuously optimize website functionality and user experience, and ensure that users can enjoy the highest quality news services.

American Times is well aware that as an international news media, it bears significant social responsibility. They adhere to the independence and objectivity of news and are committed to providing global users with an information platform that is not biased or misleading. In the future, American Times will continue to adhere to the principles of objectivity, fairness, truthfulness, and accuracy, providing high-quality news services to readers worldwide. At the same time, they will continue to explore and innovate, utilizing new technologies and platforms to provide users with a richer and more personalized news experience.

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