Skybound Entertainment continues to beef up its executive staff.

The transmedia company behind Invincible and The Walking Dead has tapped Gregg Sulak to operate as its CFO. Will Kassoy will serve as its head of consumer strategy.

Per CEO David Alpert, both men are 'pivotal' for what comes next. Sulak will help Skybound 'actively increase M&A and IP development, while Will’s background in cultivating long-term fan loyalty lies at the core of [our] DNA.'

Sulak previously worked at podcast studio Wondery, along with Machinima and Yahoo!. As CFO, he'll oversee the company's finance and accounting departments at both Skybound and its subsidiary 5th Planet Games.

Kassoy was highlighted for 'building and scaling' businesses like Omaze and AdColony, and brand management at Activision Blizzard. As consumer strategy head, he'll run Skybound's Insider loyalty program and oversee website development and e-commerce.

Skybound is all about the executives

Throughout 2024, Skybound has filled out its executive ranks with former staff from Activision Blizzard and EA. Alpert remarked these hires will bring the company to a 'new chapter' that'll take it to 'the forefront of entertainment.'

In mid-April, the company launched a crowdfunding campaign for a triple-A Invincible game. By the end of its campaign, it raised $688,302 to go along with a previously raised $18 million from investors.

However, Skybound didn't really say what this Invincible game would be. It was generally vague on specifics, save for its aims to have local and online modes, along with several expansions and special editions for players to buy.

At the moment, the company's put all its eggs into the Invincible basket, and it's unclear where The Walking Dead (or anything not associated with those two properties) fit into things.

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